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Shared and collected right within Slack!

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🌱 Real-time Development Feedback

Proactively request feedback from your colleagues at big milestones and take full ownership of your professional growth.

Solicit feedback on behalf of your reports to get a holistic picture of their performance and development opportunities.

🌟 Value-based Recognition

Praise individuals and teams for championing company core values. Engage your team through public recognition and build a consistent company culture – even across spread out teams!

Wall of praise displays all recognition employees exchange, giving each achievement the visibility it deserves.

🤲 Sharing Made Easy

Share transparent or anonymous feedback with your co-workers and their managers right inside Slack.

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🔎 Lightweight Performance Management

As a manager, you can access the feedback and praise your reports receive via Slack. Feedback Wall collects everything in one place.

Prepare informed and objective evaluation talks based on continuous 360° feedback using the tools you already have.

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Share feedback in under two minutes using one of our templates


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Use the tools you've got! Keep feedback within Slack


per user per month

Feedback-sharing and praise
Requesting feedback on behalf of your team
Multiple feedback formats
Anonymous feedback
Feedback visibility setting
Manager access to team's individual feedback
Unlimited feedback and praise history
Company values integration
Public recognition via designated slack channel and company praise wall
Reporting lines and org chart management

Try free for 30 days. No credit card required.